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Funeral Arrangements

At the moment of grief we will help you.

When grief comes to our house, sometimes we get lost and don’t know what to do. In such cases a funeral service employee near you will free you from unneeded hardships. Funeral service representative will assist you in many ways, including:

- Consultation;
- Collection of documents from various authorities (police protocol, pronouncement of death by the ambulance crew, medical death certificate, state certificate of death, etc.);
- Selection of necessary funeral merchandise and accessories;
- Recommendations regarding selection of burial place;
- Ordering of cremation or burial;
- Delivery of departed person’s personal belongings to mortuary.

You can acquire information on costs of services provided by our funeral agency by calling to our consultant at 8-(495)- 226-1719, 8-(495)- 778-5397, or by inviting one of our employees to your house.
Our representative will arrive with the catalogue of the company’s products and price sheet for the company’s services.

So what exactly is included in an order of funeral services?

- First of all, it is necessary to choose a casket depending on departed person’s height (casket should be 15-25 centimeters longer); in addition to that, caskets are divided by classes according to their width: “standard” – clothes size 52 and smaller, “block” – up to size 60, and “special block” – up to size 60.

Caskets can be:

- covered with tapestry of different colors (vinous, red, blue, purple) made of cotton, silk, satin, velvet, etc.

- glazed, which differ in form (quadrangular, hexahedral, two-lid)

A cross or special handles can be installed onto a casket

Bedding, pillow and blanket are put into a casket

Wreaths made of natural or artificial flowers can be ordered from the company’s representative.

Wreaths are decorated with ribbons that contain either standard text:

- For dear mother - From family members and dear ones
- For dear father - From children and grandchildren
- For dear sister - Grieve and remember
- For dear daughter - From co-workers
- For dear son - From colleagues
- For dear husband - From fellow workers
- For dear aunt - For dear grandmother
  - For dear grandfather

… or any custom text:

During the burial process a cross or a stencil can be installed on onto the burial place (made of iron or wood – pine, oak, etc)

It is also necessary to order a hearse vehicle.

People, whose loved ones are buried in Russian soil, can benefit from our services connected to upkeep of burial places with further provision of photographic material as a report on accomplished job. See Execution of Burial for more information.

Various catering rooms are available

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