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Solution of Transportation Problem. Transfer and Delivery of Departed Person’s Body, “Cargo-200”

Special Transportation Offer

Our company has priceless experience in dealing with issues connected to body transportation in Russia, CIS countries (Former Soviet Union) and abroad.

ГРУЗ 200
Special Transportation Container

We will acquire all necessary documents in shortest terms:

  • Death certificate (from mortuary and registrars office)
  • HIS inquiry
  • Inquiry concerning absence of foreign objects

We will prepare specialized transportation container.

We will provide a transport to deliver body from a mortuary (or a specified address) to an airport or a railway station, as well as an automobile for delivery to final destination.

Our qualified agent will acquire information about flights available in chosen direction.

If the body must be transferred abroad, our agent will make arrangements with customs service.

The cost of services listed above, transport and funeral attributes is 21500 RUR (if transfer is carried out by means of air or railroad transport).

Approximate cost of air transportation within limits of Russian Federation and CIS countries (former Soviet Union) varies from 5 to 40 thousand rubles depending on direction and Flight Company. Embalming in mortuary is paid for separately. Approximate price range of embalmment in Moscow is from 7 to 15 thousand rubles.

If air transportation is not preferable, our company can offer you transportation by means of automobile transport. Following automobiles are at your disposal: “Gazel” minivan with 10 seats at price of 18 RUR/km, Volkswagen LT35 with air conditioning and 12 special tourist seats at price of 30 RUR/km, and “Paz” bus with 20 seats. All vehicles are equipped for distant travels.

Our Funeral Services Agency will quickly and intelligently solve all issues connected to sending and delivery of departed person’s body. We will organize transportation of body in specialized sealed container (zinc casket) from the place of death to the place of burial. For this type of transportation the term “Cargo-200” is often used; it first appeared in military sphere and was used to indicate transportation of deceased soldiers. It is considered to be first used during the war in Afghanistan – 200 kg is approximate weight of zinc casket with the body of deceased person.

Company’s Services

  • Collection and processing of all necessary documents and inquiries. It is known, that in order to conduct a funeral it is necessary to collect documents from various authorities. For example, if a cargo-200 needs to be sent to Europe, HIS enquiry, translation of death certificate, and other documents must be acquired. In some cases permission of municipal land committee of area of supposed burial is also required.
  • In order to send cargo-200, embalming is required; our agency will undertake all hardships connected to embalming of the body and placing it into specialized zinc casket.
  • Arrangement of transportation includes delivery of cargo-200 to airport or railway station, conducting control over loading, and processing of customs documentation. All these services are carried out by qualified and attentive professionals; this guarantees exceptionally high quality of service.
  • We will also meet cargo-200 at its destination point.

We offer funeral services not only in Russia, but in CIS countries (former Soviet Union) and abroad as well. Our experience and high qualification of agency’s employees guarantee exceptionally high quality of our services.

Цинковый гроб Траспортировочный ящик для груза 200
Transportation Containers

Solution of cargo-200 issues. Professional solution of issues connected to sending and delivery of cargo-200

Our organization will do the following:

  • Collect all necessary documents and inquiries (more than five kinds).
  • Departed person’s body transportation
  • Make all necessary arrangements connected to embalming.
  • Place casket into a special zinc container and pack it into special wooden construction for transportation.
  • Make arrangements with air company or railway company.
  • Deliver cargo to an airport or railway station.
  • Control the loading.
  • Make arrangements with customs service (if cargo-200 needs to cross the state border).
  • Will meet the cargo at the destination point.
  • Our employees will travel to any place in the world to carry out these functions, if necessary.

Transportation of cargo-200 by means of air or railroad transport

перевозка умершего
перевозка умершего

In order to transfer departed person’s body by means of air or railroad transport it is required to perform following actions:

  • Purchase a casket and a wooden container with special zinc insertion;
  • Pay funeral agency services connected to jointing of the metal insertion;
  • Collect all necessary accompanying documents;
  • Acquire permission for import of cargo-200 in embassy of destination country;
  • Order hearse vehicle to carry casket with departed person’s body from mortuary to airport or railway station (including transportation to place of jointing of metal insertion);
  • Purchase air or railroad tickets for persons accompanying departed person’s body.

Casket with departed person’s body must be delivered to luggage department of airport or railroad station no later than in three hours before plane or train departure. Air tickets (departure from Sheremetyevo airport) can be order via telephone at (495) 926-5246.

Cargo-200 transportation by means of automobile transport


The most obvious advantage of this kind of transportation is that the casket is delivered directly to place of burial, unlike in case of transportation by air or railroad, when it is necessary to order additional transport for delivery to and from airport or railroad station.

Useful Information

If cargo-200 needs to be delivered to Ukraine, it is better to use automobile transport, since air transportation there is 5-7% more expensive and it doesn’t include cost of meeting at the airport and tickets for accompanying persons.

A vehicle will deliver cargo-200 to its final destination. Another advantage is that vehicle provides comfortable places for 2 to 4 passengers, who accompany the funeral procession. Railroad transportation of departed person’s body should be considered only in exceptional cases since a freight car is included in a passenger train composition rather rarely. There is no customs fee for cargo-200; only automobile insurance has to be paid. Customs clearance is conducted with the highest priority.

If cargo-200 needs to be delivered to Republic Belarus, it is better to use automobile transport as well. Advantages are direct delivery to final destination point and extra places for escort; another thing is that there are not many airports in Belarus. As for railroad transportation of cargo-200, practically complete absence of freight cars in passenger trains makes such transportation rather hard to accomplish.

Currently direct trips to Georgia are banned; thus there is a need for transit through Armenia or Ukraine, which considerably increases price of transportation. Unfortunately, many relatives of deceased Georgians were unable to cover such costs and had agreed for burial at place of death.

Often during transportation to Asian republics of former USSR considerable assistance is provided by embassies of these countries. In particular, Tajikistan embassy almost always pays for air transfer of cargo-200 to this country. One of characteristic features of transportation to these countries is the need for personal presence of an accompanying person with a ticket during customs clearance in airport, or a copy of such ticket accompanying cargo-200 itself. Most flights to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are departed from Domodedovo airport. Airports that accept cargo-200 in these republics are located in following cities: Bishkek, Osh, Issyk Kul, Almaty, Astana, Aktau, Petropavlovsk, Kustanay, Jezkazgan, Semipalatinsk, Taraz (Jambul), Chimkent, Pavlodar, Kokchetav, Tashkent, Samarqand, Bukhara, Urgench, Termez, Ashkhabad, Dushanbe.

If cargo-200 needs to be delivered to European countries, translation to destination country’s language of following documents is required: death certificate, HIS inquiry, and inquiry concerning absence of foreign objects. In some cases permission of municipal land committee of area of supposed burial is also required. Sometimes a copy of license of responsible funeral agency is required as well. If there is no accompanying person, confirmation of funeral agency from receiving side is required; only one-way confirmation is required, since according to EU laws departed person’s body delivered by cargo-200 must be placed in mortuary.


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